President-Elect Biden!

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Hallelujah! Today, the Associated Press and Fox News both called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and with it the election. It’s about time! Subsequently, Nevada was also called for Biden. It has been a long four years. It was a long and hard fought campaign. Finally, tabulating the election results dragged on and on, but it has been worth the wait. President-Elect Biden (I could get used to saying that.) has secured a solid victory. A victory that will likely be in excess of 300 electoral votes and 8 million popular votes. Yes, 8 million. None of the big blue states are even close to counting all of their votes either. Let’s runup the score some more!

Last night, after I had gone to bed, someone shot off some fireworks. Drifting off to sleep, I had hoped that the election had been called. It was then with some disappointment that I later learned not yet. I was out raking leaves, when Anne gave me the news. It is a beautiful day here, made even more beautiful with this good news. I do believe that the sun is shining even brighter now than before.

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