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Anne worked the polls. It was hectic in the morning there, but by noon things had quieted down considerably. She is self-quarantining now. This leaves me without any adult supervision, at least for a while. I successfully wasted Election Day, following the news or the lack there of, doom scrolling all the while. I hung in there as the votes began to come in, but when it became apparent that the election would not be a Biden blowout, I tired of the chase. As of this morning things have quieted down a bit. It is looking a lot like 2016 again. The polls were worthless again. Trump could win again. I hope not. It is time now to hang tough and wait until all the votes are counted. Don’t let Trump steal this election.

There was little if any violence at the polls. On at least that front lawlessness has been avoided. On the other hand though, Trump has already falsely announced his victory, claimed that the Democrats are stealing the election and is trying to halt the counting of votes. He announced last night, “We want all voting to stop,” he said. “We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list.” What he calls voting is in fact vote counting. The counting of votes that were already legally cast. I pray that he does not succeed. With any luck, by the end of today, enough votes will be counted to ensure that Joe Biden can truthfully claim his victory.

If this is how this election ends, it will be some small comfort, but not comfort enough. There is an old saying that goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. In 2016 Trump was still a relatively unknown quantity, but by 2020 everyone has to know what kind of person he is. Still, half the country again voted for him. What does it say about our country? What does that say about us as a people? Not anything good.

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  1. Perhaps people leaning left are mistaken about Trump not representing this country. Evidence seems to indicate 48% of the American electorate really want an incompetent autocratic narcissist with misogynist and white supremacists tendencies to run the US of A. Perhaps troubled times bring out the worst in people. Or, perhaps americans are not as nice as they seem.

  2. Describe this quarantine you speak of. A luxurious Airbnb? Or squirreled away at the top of the stairs with crafting supplies to last, and meals delivered on a tray at her beck and call. With bathroom privileges 5 times a day. And a silver bell to summon other wants and needs.

    • Anne’s luxury quarantine accommodations are somewhat squirrelly, but after the cabin… Top of the stairs ✔️crafts ✔️ bathroom ✔️ (No limits, but less than five. How many times a day do you need to pee?) Meals downstairs, no bells are necessary.

      In other news, an area poll worker died today. He worked the polls while positive. Also the area hospitals have canceled all elective procedures. The virus is out-of-control here. So, excuse me for holding Anne captive to what she had agreed to.

      The weather is quite pleasant now. Highs in the seventies. Lows in the fifties. God help us when it gets cold here.

      • Oh no! Please, Pooh & Mark, monitor monitor monitor! The fact that someone may have knowingly worked while ill is devastating; but if he didn’t know…? How could someone that bad off still feel like “good enough to work”?

  3. This is Anne, for all of you who are worried about my quarantine conditions. I am sleeping and crafting and reading upstairs. I also did my Zoom Gyrokinesis class upstairs yesterday, which forced me to clean up some of my leftover piles of stuff. It’s been nice enough that I’ve been eating breakfast and lunch on the back porch. Otherwise, Mark takes his dinner to the computer room and closes both doors. I announce when I’m coming down stairs and wear a mask. I can flush the toilet, and turn on and off the water faucets with my elbows, but I still wipe down the surfaces with a bleach wipe when I’m done. I’m re-reading “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” by Peter Hoeg. Today I walked around the neighborhood and took pictures of the blue sky and gorgeous fall leaves.
    I’m also staying away from the news as much as possible!!!! Let’s not get crazy with all that mess.
    Oh, and I feel fine!

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