Black Flies Matter

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Don’t forget about his pink eye either. Flies, pink eye and Covid is what Mike Pence brought to the debate and not much else of substance. I mostly remember his run on answers, where he consistently overran his time and continued to speak over the polite remonstrations of the moderator. All the while thumbing his nose at women in general and particularly at the two with whom he shared the stage. Other than these personal tics, I can’t remember a word that was said.

There was no dumpster fire like at last week’s debate and apparently there won’t be any others. After the debate commission, in an abundance of caution, this morning announced that they will move next week’s debate online, Trump cried foul and stomped off with his ball, canceling the debate. He further announced that he will hold one of his super-spreader events instead. What does he care? He already has the Rona and who cares about all of those losers who support him?

I doubt that many people watched last night’s debate. The morbid fascination of last week’s train wreck was lacking this time. There were no monsters in last night’s performance. Say what you want about either of the participants, but they were both too adroit to end up splayed-out on the floor. The only blood spilled was from Pence’s bloody eye. Even our debate bingo game came up short, with no winner. That’s OK, because by now in the race a draw goes to the Democrats. The same could be said for next week’s forfeit too.

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