Drone Sunset Shoot

Drone Sunset Shoot

While yesterday was a beach day, today was not so much. It was raining when I woke, it rained all day, it was still raining after dark. Anne and I hunkered down, but Dan and Britt went to town. Britt had a package to mail and afterwards Dan hit a pothole in the parking lot. His Prius bottomed out and its splash shield was left dragging. Dan had to crawl beneath the car and pull off the shield, just to drive. Laundromat and then lunch followed. Dan want’s to reinstall this shield, before he heads back to Brooklyn. We were just beginning to wind things down up here. This little hiccup hopefully won’t crimp our getaway plans too much. This teed up Sunday’s activities that primarily consisted of buying fasteners.

Yesterday’s rain eventually gave way to another big blow. So, yet another not a beach day. There was almost no beach to speak of anyway. I discovered a thing called Cottagecore. An Internet aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills. The Cottagecore aesthetic emphasizes nature, simplicity, peacefulness and has been described as a visual and lifestyle movement. Classic Cottagecore themes eschew digital connectedness in favor of a connectedness to nature. This summer, I have spent more than a month and a half living in a cabin in the woods. I think that I have been living this Cottagecore lifestyle aesthetic.

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  1. You guys are cottage-hard-core! Minus the WiFi, blog posting, and drone flying. How does one reattach a skid plate to a prius? Inquiring prius owners want to know!!

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