Big Abe

Big Abe

When we were watching Dan’s movie, Blow the Man Down, there was a scene where one of the actresses was cutting the head off of a fish. Dan explained that he had to go to some effort to acquire a fresh fish with its head still attached. Up above is a photo of a fisherman’s normal procedure, where they clean the catch before they reach port. The three fisherman on-deck are busy cleaning their day’s haul and tossing the excess waste overboard to the hovering gulls. Mine!

While Anne and I were supervising the roofers, Dan and Britt were filming with their drone. They first redid the Clyde’s shoot, this time with an upbound boat, then they revisited Point Iroquois. They ended their flying off of the beach at sunset. I think that they iterate, learning as they go and always trying to improve.

This morning Anne was looking out at the beach and thought that she saw Betty. Dan didn’t think the person looked like Betty. I think that no self respecting Finlayson ghost would appear in broad daylight. Finlayson’s are traditionalists. Their ghosts would only appear at night, as all good Scottish ghost do. IMHO

We first filmed at Raco, doing longer runway shots then before. After the batteries recharged, they filmed Mr. Bill doing donuts in the water with his motorboat. Finally, they launched with a delayed supper, for a beautiful sunset. In anticipation of tomorrow’s bad weather, they plan on doing more processing.

Basically, this afternoon was a beach day. The first one that we’ve enjoyed in too long. We all convened with Anne and Bill at their back bench for the afternoon. I had to peel layers, as the sun heated us up. Anne and I eventually began walking the beach. We only walked the short end, where CJ, husband of Lisa, the local lighthouse keeper was burning brush. It’s hard to believe that only last summer, he and I rode our bicycles out to the Dancing Crane and then after a brief repast double-timed home. Racing the storm, we outpaced it almost to the Birch Point Loop, before it pelted us all the rest of the way home, it could have been electric.

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