Droning On

Just Enough Clouds for a Sunset

Thirty-eight degrees was the temperature this morning. The trees up here are just starting to change color and bugs are now only a fading memory. Dan and Britt got up early. They were already setting up on the beach before I even got out of bed. It was perfectly still down there, with only a hint of an offshore breeze. Taking turns flying, they first shot video of the morning mist on the lake. Then they headed out over the water and circled the island. They rendezvoused with a down-bound salty (Federal EMS) and also filmed an up-bound lake boat (Tadoussac). Then their drone hit an invisible wall. Apparently the drone is smart enough to know that it shouldn’t fly over the Canadian airport’s airspace. Dan said that it felt like he was skidding along a force field wall, as he fought the drone over its better judgment. With batteries nearly expended, the drone returned from out over the water, with only 18% power left. The drone had just started to squawk about this when it landed.

Later, we set out towards Raco again, to do some RAV4 filming. Unfortunately, the wind had come up too much to fly. We drove around some more, checking out potential filming locations, before we headed back. On the way, we stopped at the lighthouse, but it was way too mobbed to stay there. By the time we got back to the cabin, Anne and Bill had shown up. The six of us all convened and kvetched down by the beach, This afternoon was our last stretch of good weather that we can expect for the next few days. I used this time to repair some of the unusable beach chairs, whose webbing had rotted away. I had ordered forty yards of the stuff, so, this will be an ongoing project. Also when we returned to the cabin, we checked the mailbox, but instead of a check from Harry, what we got instead was a threatening postcard from Mr. Red T Rodent Es-squirrel. In all caps we were warned, “DON’T MESS WITH THE SQUIRRELS.” Further, we were told that “they” are organized. Finally, they told us that they were nuts “…about nuts, cabin snacks and warmth.” That last will be in short supply around here. We have not seen or heard the squirrel for several days now, at least until we received this threatening card from him. 

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