Fiber Arts

Walk Softly, but Carry a Big Chainsaw

It was a beach day until it got too windy. We then adjourned to the deck, but first we had to free some deck chairs from the shed. Even though I spent twenty years opening combination locks for a living, I always defer to Anne, when it comes to unlocking the little gym lock on the shed. I waited, while she went to fetch said chairs. After a while she came back chair-less. She had unlocked the lock, but it still wouldn’t open up enough to clear its housing. I tried several times myself and still no joy. Where’s the WD-40? In the shed. Where are Harry’s tools? In the shed. I left to get my BFH adjuster out of the car and beat that old lock into submission, but before I could find it Anne finally had success. I really squirted that old lock, for all the good that will do. Now that it is unlocked, we might still consider replacing it. It would be a lot easier to get off the shed now than later. Where is the hacksaw? In the shed.

Once comfortably ensconced on the back deck, we watched the developing floor show, while I waited for the call that never came for my Shipt pickup order. Anne had her two at a time toe up socks knitting to add to her entertainment. The floor show here being the local Internet fiber installation. Pictured is their digger and its operator. It took some coaxing to get him to pose for this shot. As we watched, they kept working closer as my Shipt pickup window kept sliding further away. I eventually moved the RAV4 up to the top of the hill, just in case I needed to get out to go to the store. Once, I thought that they had finished for the day and by that time I had punted on grocery pickup until tomorrow morning. They had left their little digger parked on Curmudgeon Court and I was all set to park it in for the night, but instead was able to squeeze past it. Then they returned from their dinner break. That big chainsaw on the digger’s front-end would have easily cut our SUV in half. Their unexpected returning became a repeated theme of the day. They got fiber laid to the end of the Green Tunnel Road, but none of it’s hooked up yet. That must be someone else’s job. It looks to become a saga continuing over many days yet to come.

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    • Curmudgeon Court is the driveway.
      Yes, today. I called and the operator added a bonus to the order and it got snagged right away. I got a credit too, for my trouble

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