After Anniversary Report

Hibiscus Closeup

We ended up ordering delivery from Pi Pizza for dinner last night. Our order included their Bada Bing salad, which is composed of field greens, toasted almonds, gorgonzola, dried Bing cherries, all topped with a tangy raspberry vinaigrette. We also ordered their deep dish Buck Town pizza that includes mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, artichoke, red pepper, green olive, red onion, feta and sundried tomatoes. For dessert, we had a couple of the key lime pie bars on a vanilla wafer crust that I had made. They turned out quite well.

Instead of a romantic movie, I signed up for Disney+ and we watched Hamilton. This adaptation of the stage musical for the small screen was quite nice. It was easier to follow the dialogue and watch the characters than when we saw it at the Fox last year. We were going to see it performed there again this spring, but alas that was not to be. This televised version made for a worthy replacement. Plus it featured the original Broadway cast, including Lin-Manuel Miranda.

We got out to a late start for our walk this morning. We didn’t get going until nine, which is when we are usually finishing it up. Consequently, knowing that it would be hotter than normal, we outfitted our Camelbak packs. Filling them with ice water. It made quite the difference and will be the way to go forward.

On the way home we stopped for gas. This is the first time that we’ve gassed the RAV4 since March. There was still fifty miles left of range and after it was filled up the remaining range was 450 miles, meaning we had only driven 400 miles in the about four months. We could have waited another week before gassing the car, but I didn’t want to risk it. Apparently there is a problem with the remaining range estimate on the RAV4. Toyota is studying the problem now and plans on issuing a recall when they have it figured out. As near as I can tell the problem revolves around the uneven bottom of the gas tank that traps some of the gas.   

6 thoughts on “After Anniversary Report

  1. Wow! Stunning pic! Definitely one for the calendar! Hey, I bet you could do a calendar just with you great flower shots. Great minds thinking likewise: we enrolled in Disney and watched Hamilton last night too!

  2. I signed up for Disney+ as well (as a Hulu add-on) as well. “Hamilton” was what swept me over! Watched it last night and very much enjoyed the performances. That ensemble was magical!! That is also a very interesting way to present a biography- learned much about not just AHamilton, but of the others of the era. And esp loved how Eliza filled in what SHE did after his death. (And I found the portrayal of King George to be very entertaining 😊)

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