Happy Anniversary to Us!

Spotted Towhee

An epidemiologist, an ICU doctor and a scientist walk into a bar…
Just kidding, they all know better.

The three wise women ran a constructive Zoom meeting last night. I got some marching orders on the rodent problem at the cabin. Dan got plenty of advice on where he should park his sailboat for the winter. Corwin stole the show and then let it go, when he drifted off to sleep. We used up two full free forty minute Zoom sessions, with the final episode cutting out in the middle of Jane’s story. She had to text everyone afterwards with its conclusion. It was good times.

Has it really been forty years that I’ve been married to my beautiful bride? It doesn’t seem that long and that’s not even counting the eight years that it took to get to the altar. Not that there was an altar then. Although there is a porcelain one now. That’s most of my life that I have known this women. With all this preamble, I couldn’t think of another person that I would want to be quarantined with. How’s that for some 2020 romance? We were so much younger then. We are older than that now, but we’ve grown old together and that’s as it should be.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’ll first take turns sitting in our new Aeron chair. Our anniversary gift to ourselves. Who knew that the fortieth anniversary would turn out be furniture? We’ll order takeout for dinner. The particular vendor is still to be determined. For our just desserts, I’m going to make key lime pie bars with a vanilla wafer crust. Afterwards, we’ll watch a romantic movie together… 

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