Looking for Klingons

Looking for Klingons

As we near the halfway mark of 2020, 2019 is looking pretty good about now. We didn’t know how good we really had it back then. The last six months have been a wakeup call. Below please find a more conventional photo of the Bean. Actually, this week has been pretty good, nice weather allowed plenty of walks, just me and my Covid cutie. Cough on me, baby! Yea, that’s the way I like it. 

The boys are preparing to go to the Cabin. David and Maren will leave for their vacation first and drive via upstate New York, visit Maren’s folks and scout out future wedding venues there. Later Dan and Britt will drive straight through to Michigan and actually arrive at the cabin first. They’ll all meet up together at the cabin for a week or two. We plan on going to the cabin, but later next month. Big shout to Jane for all of the help that she has provided us in this endeavor!

I made good on my promise to myself and got outside to do home improvement. Not much today, but baby steps, baby steps. I power washed the back porch and then went on to wash the RAV4 exterior and the WeatherTech floor mats. It is still more than a month, before we will leave town, but I couldn’t wait to start getting ready. I might gas up the car tomorrow, even though we still have almost half of the tank that was last filled in March. I might also get some cash from the money machine. The three worn dollar bills that have been in my wallet for the last few months are feeling lonely and neglected. There is a lot of logistics to work through yet, but anticipation is half the joy of a vacation. At least it was when I used to have only a few weeks off every year.

Our plan is to drive straight to the cabin with only the minimum of gas and potty stops. It looks like all the pertinent state rest stops are open and should be safest to use, of course with masks. Since we won’t be going through Oregon, we can also pump our own gas. Hand sanitizer should help with that. Once at the cabin we plan on being self contained for the few weeks that we will be there. Hauling all of the food, supplies and other crap that we’ll need up there will test the cargo capacity of our new SUV. We won’t be bringing the bicycles or much camping gear, so it should be feasible to fit everything in the car that we want to bring.

On the way back, Anne wants to swing by Ann Arbor and visit her father. We’ll see. I’ll leave that up to Anne and her sisters, Mothers J&J. We will have been quarantined for more than two weeks by then, not that we are out clubbing every night now. Anyway, it will be nice to hit the road and see and do something new.

Cloud Gate also Known as The Bean

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  1. fyi – no cash at the Mackinaw Bridge. but they have it worked out where they never touch your credit/debit card. but a bit slower transaction

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