Around Town

Naturally Socially Distanced

It has been warm, but not too hot. This nice weather has allowed us get out every morning for our daily constitutional. We have been regularly rotating through three venues, Forest Park, Tower Grove Park and the neighborhood. With the reopening of the zoo, Forest Park is more crowded, but this park is large enough that there are still plenty of wide open spaces. The roads are still closed in Tower Grove. There is road construction ongoing nearby there that once that is completed I expect that the city will reopen the park to cars.

When we walked in Tower Grove Park yesterday, we caught the end of the process of dismantling the Christopher Columbus statue. The actual statue had already been carted away, when we saw the pedestal being removed. The base remains. It was too big to remove. No word yet what will replace the statue. 

We’ve been using our RAV4 as PPE, something that I’ve heard about on NPR. Anne had ordered something from REI (I think that it is for me?!?) and we used curbside pickup to retrieve it, all without having to get out of the car. We tried to do the same at JoAnn’s, but misunderstood their process and will have to repeat.

Anne has been trying to acquire special fabric that can be photocopied on and she is having a devil of a time getting the stuff. Amazon really dropped that ball for us. Her order kept getting delayed until it just totally disappeared. They did give us a refund, but were still out the two weeks that we waited for nothing. Now she is trying the JoAnn’s route. We’ll see it that is more successful or not. I hope that there is not a run on this stuff as there was with toilet paper.

Update: Since Anne gets daily advertisement emails from JoAnn’s she has those emails shuttled into its own separate folder. Checking that folder today, she saw the email notifying her that printer cloth was ready for pickup. So, we headed back to JoAnn’s and Anne got her long sought after printer cloth. She had been doing her happy dance ever since. In the meantime she is making more masks.

All the rain that we got through April and May has finally ended and things are drying out now. I even had to uncoil my hoses and begin watering. It is feeling a lot like summertime and it is high time to get some of my outside chores done.

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