Herman Miller

Storm Clouds at Sunset

After Cristobal skirted past us on Tuesday, we did get out for a walk. It was breezy and not too warm when we started out, but halfway through it, the humidity had climbed high enough to be uncomfortable and we beat feet back home. The evening news later reported a triple digit heat index. On Wydown, we witnessed a police action or something. Two women were sitting in the grass and a cop was standing over them, while talking to his radio. We didn’t hang around, but did circle back around again to check it out once more. On our way around the block we passed a young, athletic black man who was out for his run. Independently, we both had the same thought that we should warn him about the policeman around the corner, but as a thought was as far as that went. By the time that we got back to where the cop and the women had been everyone was gone. Leaving us to wonder with only our suspicious minds in uncertain times.

The next morning though was delightfully cool. It was still quite breezy, but the wind had shifted around. It was no longer dragging moisture up from the gulf, but instead was blowing gustily, both cool and dry from the northwest. I took advantage of this break in the weather to mow the lawn. Later we walked again, but since I had mowed and Anne had Gyro scheduled for later, it wasn’t an epic hike. We just walked up to Wydown and back again and had nothing to report.

I gave myself the night off from the kitchen and ordered takeout. We ordered a large deep dish pie from Pi, their Delmar. It was good and we have enough left over pizza for several more meals. So, I might take the rest of the week off too.

Since, we have entered quarantine, our expenses have plummeted. We don’t go anywhere anymore and even though we have all of our groceries delivered, cooking from scratch almost all of our meals at home, means that even our grocery bill is lower than before. So, to redress this funding surplus, we ordered ourselves an early anniversary present, a new office chair. Our current office chair has become rather ratty, complete with ripped upholstery. So, I ordered us a new one. How romantic! Well hear me out. It is practical, I grant you, but it is also an item of furniture that is used almost all day, as we each take turns using the computer. Besides it is not just any office chair. It is a Herman Miller Aeron.

My mother would be so proud of me. Classic, black, Size B, it normally retails north of $1,300, but the one I ordered is “renewed” and is considerably cheaper. I hope that ordering used doesn’t turnout to be a mistake. We’ll know in a week or two, so stay tuned. As advertised on NPR, I first encountered the Aeron at work. The largest and fanciest conference room there had hundreds of them. I once attended a meeting in it that included both customers and competitors. A wag from one of these competing companies made a joke about all of these chairs to the effect that only Boeing had the money to spend on such expensive furniture. He was a legend only in his own mind and his rude joke fell flat, but I have always enjoyed the feel of those chairs and wanted one for myself.

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