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Tower Grove Green Frog

Yesterday, we walked in Tower Grove Park. Since there was no approaching storms, we made the full circuit. Afterwards, we headed over to the lily ponds, in front of the Palm House. Previously, we had seen and heard many frogs croaking to each other and then diving underwater at our approach, but on this day we only heard one. After careful inspection, we found the frog hiding among the lily pads. Unafraid of us, we were able to photograph it.

Last night while watching TV, the street erupted in flashing red and blue lights. A combination of police, fire and EMT vehicles had appeared outside. While all of their lights were flashing, none of their sirens had called out. This allowed this fleet of first responders to seemingly suddenly sneak up on us. I went outside to see what all the bother was about and deduced that a neighbor a few houses up the block was having a medical emergency. An ambulance was taking point on this operation, with the other three vehicles there to lend support and manpower. A gurney was placed on the neighbor’s front walk as personnel streamed in and out of the house. Not wanting to appear to gawk (too much), I went back inside. It was more than a few minutes later when the ambulance departed, sans siren and lights and soon followed by the others. It is an older couple who live in that house, by older I mean about our age. I don’t know why the rescue forces were called out. It could have been for a heart attack, a fall or any of a number of maladies? I don’t know if the call was for something life threatening or if the patient survived? I can only guess that time will tell. 

By this morning, the remains of tropical storm Cristobal had arrived. Looking at the radar map, it appears as though the brunt of the storm is heading north up the middle of the state. We should only receive a glancing blow of some wind and a little rain. Normally, we only get visited by these formerly named storms in September, not like with this one in June. For some reason they almost always choose to strike on the weekend of the MS-150 bike ride. Last year, Sunday was washed out by one of these storms and the entire event was cancelled the previous year, because of another one. I don’t know if we’ll get to walk today?

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  1. When they came for Carl it was lights and sirens. Everyone knew, although they had to wait for a while to determine the next course of action. Including the ambulance….

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