Yellow Swallowtails

A Kaleidoscope of Yellow Swallowtails

One thing that I feel justly proud of while we have been in quarantine is our daily constitutional. Together, we get out almost every day. Those few days when we don’t get out to walk tend to pain me with its absence. We used to walk around noon, either just before or right after lunch. This tended to breakup the day and helped make time pass more easily, but with the coming of warmer weather, we’ve switched to launching as early as we can manage. There are a number of venues to choose from, but our go to path begins at our front door.

This being the weekend, more people are out and about when we walk, which results in a dance of sorts, as we or they move from sidewalk to street or even the other side of the street. We wear masks. Anne wears hers religiously, while I only put mine up, if someone is approaching us. Most of the other people don’t wear masks, but some do. I don’t that there is any politics involved with their decision, but rather it is a matter of personal comfort levels. I partly wear my mask to signal to the other people my safety concerns, with the hope that they are respected and others remain as socially distant as practically possible.

I always carry my pedometer, in order to ensure that we get our steps for the day. We’ve done this walk often enough that this really isn’t necessary anymore. There isn’t all that much new to see on it anymore either. Although, we did see a yellow swallowtail, but not the ones pictured above. That pic was a rare sight. It was from last year, when we were driving up the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. 

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