A Rose by Any Other Name…

Yellow Rose

…would smell as sweet. “Is that a fart I smell?” “I didn’t fart.” “I heard it.” “Oh that? That was just a gentle zephyr, whistling in the wind. Besides my farts don’t smell.” “Blow it out your backend.” “I just did.” “So, you admit it after all. That was a hatal fart attack!” “Don’t get your undies all in a bunch.”

Is it Friday? It seems like it was just Friday yesterday and that tomorrow it will be Friday yet again. It seems like I am trapped in an endless loop, repeating Friday after Friday. Well, it could be worse. I could be hung up on Monday. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is going to be one of those low content posts. The ones that kind of knockabout, without really going anywhere.

I could talk about politics… DON’T TOUCH THAT THIRD RAIL! I mean it’s Friday. Yeah, I’m sure it is. Anyway. I usually stay away from politics all week and then Friday comes along and the dam just sort of breaks, all by itself, without any help from me. Besides, I’ve been good this week. Well, pretty good. Not too bad? I’ve earned a good political rant. I deserve one. NO! Think of all that has happened this week. There is a lot to talk about. It will do me good to vent some spleen. NO! Oh, come-on…

Well, that just leaves this morning’s walk. We drove over to Tower Grove Park. It was early for us and quite unexpectedly we found ourselves in rush-hour traffic. So, some people still do this thing. Who knew? Anyway, we eventually made it to the park, which at first I thought was crowded, but in the end found it to be not so much. We started with the eastern end of the park. It was quite a pleasant morning. No stifling heat and humidity as had been forecasted for later in the day. We were just finishing up the eastern half of our walk, when I noticed the dark clouds to the west.

I checked radar and there it was a classic bowed stormfront that was almost upon us. We beat feet back to the car and made it in time. Then during the drive home, I noticed that on radar there was a tiny bare spot that grew wider with time. Centered over Saint Louis, the storm clouds dissipated due to the heat island effect. The front now split in two, continued east as two storm fronts. We never did get any rain, not that we really need it. 

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