Lions, no Tigers & my Pooh bear, Oh My!

Anne at Stony Man Overlook

We walked Forest Park again. For a change, we “visited” the zoo. Read peering through its many locked gates. While dodging passing joggers, we did manage to see a giraffe, zebras and even a lioness, plus many other animals, like antelope and birds. God help us when they reopen the golf course, because then will go the wide-open spaces where the antelope and the old people like to roam. We got our steps in though. Now me and my cutie patootie have embarked upon an Abba marathon, read the musical Momma Mia! It wouldn’t be a true marathon if we didn’t also watch the sequel too, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Both movies are set to music and both are set on a beautiful Greek island, but you’ve gotta love the sets sung by the movie’s Greek chorus. It is Meryl Streep that leads and steals the show and eventually the wedding too, at least in the original movie. She only has an uncredited cameo in the sequel, but is heavy featured in the trailer. 

When you put a woman up on a pedestal, you often only end up letting her down. I hope that I don’t do that here. We’re COVID co-partners, hunkering down in our shared quarantine. Come another couple of months we will (hopefully) celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary together. That would be so grand! It looks like that we will end up celebrating our wedding celebration as we did our wedding night, all on our own though. Until then, we go day-by-day. Which day is it anyway? Forty years! That’s a long time. Hopefully, at least half a lifetime or two. There is that all until death do us part of our love contract, but that is too heavy for this live-in the moment post. Think life! Think hope!

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