Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel

There is an old curse that goes, may you live in interesting times, which I guess is apt for these times. Except if they’re so interesting, why then are they also so darn boring. We sit home alone, sheltering in place, doing our part to flatten the curve. Our days have fallen into a regular rhythm, governed by a routine that varies little from day-to-day. Each day is so much like the last one that it is all too easy to lose track of time. Which day is today? Is it the weekend? Of course it is, but what you should be asking is it the long weekend or the short weekend? The high point of each day is our walks together. Sometimes we just head out the front door and walk around the neighborhood. Others, we drive a little and then walk in Forest Park. We are lucky in this regard. We have always been lucky to live so close to this park. It is like a bit of the country, in the middle of the city. While the county parks have been closed, it is nice to still have this city park. The closures of its golf courses and some of its roads have only enhanced its enjoyment for us, making our half of the park all that more secluded.

For today’s walk, we added a picnic lunch. Who says that you can’t dine out in the time of pandemic? To enhance our experience and make it more special, I made cucumber sandwiches. It is supposed to get warm today, with the mercury climbing into the eighties, but we’ll stay cool, as cool as a pair of cucumbers.

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