A Walk in the Park

Giant of the Swamp – Zoo Ibis

We walked in the park this morning. It was a little cool and cloudy out, which probably accounted for the lack of people in the park. We walked the golf course and then Kennedy Forest. Probably the highpoint of this walk was when we peered in, through the fence, at the birds in the old 1904 birdcage. Originally built for the world’s fair, this birdcage became the founding cornerstone of the Saint Louis Zoo. We could see egrets, herons, spoonbills and ibis. Along with cormorants and numerous other types of waterfowl. The birds seemed to have adjusted well to this new normal, spreading out over the boardwalks and duck boards that normally are the providence of the human visitors. Since the zoo is now closed to the public, the birds literally rule the roost.

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