We watched the new virtual Saturday Night Live show last night, as much for a sense of community, as with any hope that it would be good. It wasn’t. The newly Corvid recovered Tom Hanks hosted the show, by way of doing the cold opening and opening monologue, all rolled into one. There was a passable Zoom based skit and then there was Weekend Update. Michael Che kind of summed up the evening, when he joked that doing comedy without an audience, is like doing a hostage video. Still, I’m sure the show garnered boffo ratings, because what else was there to do, except go to bed, which I ended up doing, before it was all over. We awoke to a dawn thunderstorm, but other than a few rumbles, there was not much to report. It looks like we are in for a cold and rainy Easter, such that even the pleasure of going for a walk will be denied us. It has been a pretty quiet day. The highlight of our day was when one of our bike buddies swung by the house and we had a nice and safe conversation. 

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