Beauties and Bluebirds

Spring Beauties with Dogwood

Since, it is supposed to rain later today and then all day tomorrow, we got out in the morning, for our daily constitutional. Rather than walk in the neighborhoods, we drove to the edge of Forest Park and then walked into it. A concerned friend, has warned us (repeatedly) that the decreed six foot separation distance is not sufficient when one of the two individuals is huffing and puffing and blowing their germs down on you. This friend may not be a doctor, but he is married to one. I would like to put such fevered thoughts to rest. The park is wide open and quite empty. We don’t use the bike paths, where even maintaining six feet separations is impossible. Instead, we usually head for the wide open roads, which not are bereft of automobiles. Today, since the golf courses are closed, we also walked many of their golf cart trails. Six feet? Try six-hundred yards. Four!

One thing that is nicer in this new normal is birding. This being nesting season, makes this combination especially nice. In fact, I normally only see the Eastern bluebird when it is nesting. We saw a pair of them busy nest building on the edge of the golf course. In addition to being the Missouri state bird, it is also the state bird of New York. Two things that are making this a better time for birding. First, there are fewer people out and about and second there is a lot less noise being generated. Less people means more birds about and with quieter times, it is easier to hear their calls and then use those calls to find their location. It really helps to get out into nature, because even though our lives might be on hold, the rest of the world is doing fine, nay even better, without us. Getting out into the park really helps Anne’s spirit, I just wish she didn’t have to hug every tree.

Bluebird with Catkins

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