All the News, Which is Not Much

Yesterday, the high was 90 °F. Today, it is much cooler, only into the fifties. A cold front came through, dropping the temperature thirty degrees in an hour. On the radar map there were two lines of thunderstorms that were once one, but had parted while passing Saint Louis, leaving one to the north and one to the south. The relatively benign center of this V, is what passed over us last night. I’m not sure we even got any rain. When we walked today, there was quite a few downed limbs everywhere. Fortunately, there was no damage at our house.

We walked across Clayton Avenue into the Clayton neighborhood of Claverach Park, where the homes are much nicer ($1M-$2M) and quite a bit bigger than ours. Even their little free lending library is fancier than the one on our side of the divide. I’ve often joked that we live in the slums of Clayton. I guess it’s true.

Everything is in bloom around here and I have found a cool website that helps me to identify the plants that I take pictures of. It is called Pl@nt Net. It’s easy to use. You just drop your photo in the website’s bucket, it thinks for a while and then spews out your pictured plant’s name. So far, it has worked every time.

It is official now, schools out for summer, schools out forever… Today, the county cancelled the rest of the school year, at least the in-school school year. The online school year is expected to continue, but needless to say, there is no need for substitute teachers for the rest of this school year. So, Anne is off for the summer now. You could think of it as her trial run at retirement. 

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