Who Were Those Masked Riders

Bicycling Themed Face Masks

Smile! We are smiling. Can’t you tell? We can be seen sporting two of the 47 (or was it 51?) face masks that Anne has made over the past couple of weeks. These are our special bicycling themed masks. After taking this selfie, we launched to Forest Park, which is still open, but nothing in it is. Apparently, even the two golf courses are now closed. Previously, the mayor had banned the use of golf carts, which pretty much dried up most of the golfing business, but now the courses too are officially closed. With all of its attractions closed, the park was pretty empty, with plenty of room for social distancing.

We’ve walked almost every day and usually in Clayton. The sidewalks are wider there and so are the streets, plus it is a nicer neighborhood than ours. Getting there involves crossing Clayton Avenue. Normally, a very busy street, but not anymore. Routinely now, as soon as we press the walk button the lights change. It didn’t use to be like that. Today, we just rolled up over the pavement sensors and flipped the switch. There are perks in the new normal, if you notice them.

Next, we rolled down Wydown and into the park. The county has closed all of its parks and while the city might eventually do the same, so far it does not seem warranted. Besides closing Forest Park would be difficult to do. It has a lot of entrances and is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. All the neighbors need do is cross a street and they’re in the park. The only ones we saw in more than just family groups were the grounds crew people.

I do have one very minor complaint. They have closed a few of the major roads to cars, which I like, but the barriers that they have erected don’t have any slots to allow bikes through. We had to dismount and walk around them, all while trampling the grass. It was an inconvenience. Oh well, I’ll get over it. 😉

The park is beautiful now. Everything is in flower. The Redbud is mauve-lous and the Spring Beauties carpet the lawns. We tootled around the park for a while, before heading for home. We did speak with another cyclist, from a safe distance. He recognized Anne’s Michigan’s Lakeshore Tour jersey, which she was wearing in an aspirational fashion. He told us that he is signed up for this August’s tour, but none of us were sure whether that would happen or not. After talking with him, it sounded like he does many of the same organized rides that we have, Cycle Zydeco, Bike MS and the Michigan one.

It was getting warm, by the time we got home again. It may hit ninety today. I fired up the AC, just to test it. Even though it is warm, it is not very humid and still quite pleasant out. Besides, tomorrow night it is supposed to drop into the thirties. Crazy spring weather, AC on one day and then the heat the next.

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  1. Could it be possible that the barricaded roads in Forest Park are closed to bicycles as well as cars? Gawd forbid! Stay healthy.

  2. I run the bike advocacy org in Boulder CO. I’d like to use this photo in our enews to promote wearing masks. Pls email me if Ok Thanks!!

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