This Too Will Pass

Pikes Market Sunflowers

Yesterday, while we were performing our will signing ceremony, the water company’s road crew kind of crashed the party. Our mobile notary was late getting to the party, because he had to drive around the workers and he only barely managed to escape after the ceremony had concluded. Still, every cloud has a silver lining. Yesterday’s laying on of the asphalt represented the at least unofficial conclusion of this more than three month ordeal. Proving that if you just hang on all things will pass. Before I begin exalting too much, I should point out that there are still sizeable holes in the road, at both ends of the block and the workers could still return, for who knows what. Plus, the reason that there are holes at both ends of the block, is because all of the neighboring streets will have to eventually undergo, what we have already endured. Meaning that this work will continue to remain nearby for a long time to come. Still, for us at least, the floor show is over and we can once again park on the street. A little bit of rain last night has begun the process of washing the street clean again.

Meanwhile, Anne continues to make face masks. She mailed some out today, for her father and sister jane. Jane didn’t think that Harry would wear it, but that was before the CDC started recommending them. I imagine that peer pressure and the fact that Trump is refusing to wear one, might change his mind. She also made one for me, it is made with a very nice bicycle themed fabric. She keeps churning them out. She just keeps calm and carries on.

When I first retired, people would ask me what I planned on doing in retirement. I had a joke of sorts, I would travel, until I got tired of not sleeping in my own bed. Next, I would work on the house, until I ran out of money. Finally, I would sit around all day and make inane comments on Facebook all day. Well, the travel thing has now ended, just not the way that I had expected. I really don’t do Facebook anymore either. That just leaves home improvement. I think that I’ll start with the yard. Spring has advanced far enough that a little gardening is in order. I really can’t go any place. There is no where to go. So, I might as well start working on the house. A little puttering ought to go a long way these days. I already have some fertilizer and I can go ahead and order grass seed. The back porch needs to be stained again. This list could go on and on and on…

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