Little Bites

We received our first delivery order from the delivery service InstaCart and while it wasn’t a complete success, it got the job done. About a third of the items that I ordered, couldn’t be filled exactly as ordered, but were filled with a close substitute product. As the delivery guy was filling our order and encountering the need to substitute products, I received a steady stream of texts informing me of this process. I subsequently updated Anne of this situation She was upstairs in her sew-a-torium and I was yelling up to her from the base of the stairs. The following conversation ensued:

Anne: Does that mean that they are substituting squid for toilet paper?
Me: No, they would only substitute like Atlantic squid for Pacific squid.
Anne: Why did you order squid?
Me: I didn’t. You’re the one who brought up squid.

In addition to the item substitution, there was also the matter of getting 4 bags of peeled carrots, which is excessive, but this was on me. I had fat fingered the drop down box and ordered them all. Finally, there are the pictured Little Bites. I never ordered anything like them or even remotely close to them. Maybe the delivery guy got them for himself and they just got mixed into our order? Or maybe another InstaCart person had pranked ours by sneaking it into his cart?

Shopping aside, even if it is only internet shopping, the high point of our day are our walks together. Spring is in full flower and the birds are doing what they do at this time of year. So long as it’s not raining, we get out, along with a lot of other people too. On a nice day, maintaining a social distance can require some gymnastics, but with sidewalks on both sides of the street and even the street in-between, there is enough room. These casual encounters allow a modicum of social interaction, in these isolationist times. Yesterday, we augmented the social aspect of our walks, when we swung by Joanie’s place and nudged her out of the house, for a while. Later, our next-door neighbor called upon us. He was being nice and checking on the old people. We enjoyed our socially safe conversation together. It helps to get out of the house and talk to other people. 

2 thoughts on “InstaCart

  1. I’ve been using Shipt for 2 years now (local Meijer store), and have been very satisfied. Of course, with the COVID-19 crush, it’s a bit difficult to schedule a delivery, but so far have been able to have my favorite shopper snag my order almost every time! She is awesome, and I make sure she is appreciated 🙂

    • Shipt is aligned with the other major local chain around here. Just heard on the news that InstaCart workers are planning on going on strike on Monday. I may have to shift to Shipt.

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