Cruz Bay View from Lind Point

Cruz Bay View from Lind Point

Pictured is the view of Cruz Bay from atop Lind Point. On the righthand side, you can see the ferry boat, with its long wake steaming towards St. Thomas. Behind it and to its left are some beige condos, with red-tiled roofs. Above them is a black-and-white rectangular building that is sitting on the ridgeline of what is Gallows Point. This $20 million dollar “single family home” was across the street from the apartment where we stayed. The apartment is not visible, being on the other side of the ridge.

Many of the boats at moor are now somewhat derelict. These are the ones that were sunk in 2017 by the twin hurricanes. FEMA raised them if it could, because that was cheaper than transporting their hulk’s off island. Some of the boats are still used as floating homes, but never go anywhere. Others have obviously been abandoned in place.

We hiked the lower Lind Trail to Honeymoon Beach. After frolicking in the surf there, we hiked the upper Lind Trail back to Cruz Bay. On the way back, probably at Lind Point, I got attacked by chiggers. Nasty little creatures.

The water company returned in full force this week. They are now connecting the problem laterals. These are the homes that have lead pipe. Included are our next door neighbor, who now has a big hole in her parking strip. This hole is so big that the dirt from it almost spills over onto our driveway. Also affected is one of our across the street neighbors. Just when I thought that they were done.

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