Hurricane Hole

Mermaids and the Old Man of the Sea

OK, about the picture, there is an outfit here that does photo shoots for tourists. Think of it as Glamour Shots for the aquatic set. Called Mermaid Swim VI, it specializes in costumes of mythical sea creatures. I had only intended to ask to take their picture, but instead was invited for a selfie. Their costumes make it difficult to move about on land. In addition to the tight fitting wrap that binds their legs together, they also wear a single two-footed swim fin, making their only means of land motion small two-footed hops. Our guide for the day had stopped at this beach to pick up some stuff and I got lucky enough to cavort with them

We had contracted with an outfit called Arawak, to sea kayak and snorkel on the far end of the island at a place called Hurricane Hole. It is so named, because in the event of a hurricane, this where boats go to ride out the storm. Although, this plan didn’t work out so well in 2017 and quite a few ships were lost there.

Compared to where we had been, we were the only tourists around. Anne and I shared a tandem kayak and our guide Arthur had his single. There were a couple of big catamarans about, but they seemed to disappear at our approach. We saw lots of wildlife there, especially while swimming. We did some Mangrove swamps, the nursery of the sea and more coral reefs too. Our picture taking was way better than at Trunk Bay. There was some wind, but we powered through it as a team. It was a great adventure and a fantastic day, we had lots of fun.