Honeymoon Beach

This Water Tastes Salty

The water was warm. Probably in the seventies. The air was in the eighties. It felt good. We covered up with sunscreen (Reef safe), rashies and hats and still felt a little crispy by the end of the day.

A word about our accommodations, this is only our second Airbnb, so in that vein we don’t have a whole lot to go by. Our first was in Boston and it had nightly concerts down below. I would say that it is funky, at least its layout is. Bob is a great host. He is actually just the front man for a reality management company. That’s the way things work here. We may or may not want to rent this place again, but for the short time that we will be here it is fine. There’s a t-shirt saying that I’ve seen here, Relax, you’re on island time now.

Here is a wildlife update. There are these very small lizards that we see everywhere. They’re only a few inches long, but what they lack in stature, they makeup with their numbers. We saw several hermit crabs. These crabs find an unoccupied shell and setup residence. A thrush was at the beach. It had just trashed someone’s potato chip bag. Caught in the act, it kept coming back to eat all of the evidence of its crime. Perhaps the most notable animal encounter was with a deer. Though small by mainland standards, it was very bold and had no problem with closely approaching us and even passing other people.