Corncorde, Craig Nutt, 1996

Planes, trains and automobiles and a boat, don’t forget the boat. With both iPhones chirping, we awoke at oh-no-dark-thirty. Called an Uber, our first four-wheeled vehicle of the day and headed to the airport (STL). After pushing off, the pilot came over the PA to announce a computer problem, but after a brief consult with IT, we were good to go.

We landed in Atlanta (ATL), where it was raining. It claims to be the biggest airport in the world. We took the Plane Train to our gate, which was the fifth stop. The pictured “Corncorde” is some airport art.

Both flights were pretty bumpy. After our second air-leg, we landed in St. Thomas (STT). From there, we took a cab across the island to the ferry, to St. John. Bob, our Airbnb host, met us at the dock and shlepped our bags to the apartment. That was our all day travel day. It’s nice and warm here. Let the fun in the sun begin, tomorrow. It’s already after sundown.

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