Failure to Launch?

Rooster Brunch

Whatever you call it, bomb cyclone, Snowmageddon, nor’easter or this week’s “storm of the century”? Whatever you call it, this storm descended just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’s return home travel crush.

Failure to launch? No way! We’re A-OK all the way. We’ve got a plane. We’re onboard it now. Door closed. Pushing back. Oh wait, we’ve got a hold. We are sitting on the tarmac now, waiting and waiting and waiting. Oh no, we’re going back to the gate. “If you need to be picked-up at the airport, call us…”

They never did call us for a ride, but it was an ordeal. Dan landed first, in NYC, at LaGuardia. David and Maren eventually made it to Logan. Then there was luggage, Uber and finally sleep. Turkey Day travel is always tough, but adding bad weather makes it a whole lot tougher. It was great being all together for the holiday though and we are looking forward to seeing the boys again in just a few more weeks for Christmas break.

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