Love’s Labour’s Lost


Dan flew into town last night. His flight was delayed in the usual LaGuardia manner, “Oh look there is a cloud in the sky. That will cost you an hour.” We delayed him further, when our just-in-time airport pickup strategy ran afoul of an unexpected rush-hour traffic jam. Finally arriving home, he soon disappeared again, when a friend picked him up for an upcoming movie’s pre-screening.

This morning, when I drove Anne to school, she was still in her PJs. Her class had won the right to wear their pajamas on this last day of school before the holiday weekend. I hung with Dan this morning. By way of passing time, we engaged in a project together. It was an excellent father-son bonding project, because there were plenty of opportunities for us to talk. He updated me with numerous stores of his loves, labors and lost going-ons. With Macy’s having just had their big Christmas windows reveal last week, his work on them was a major topic of conversation. Especially, his 21 day business road trip for them. There was also his favorite hobby, 40K, on which Dan can speak for hours. 

I think that I am ready for the holidays, at least for Thanksgiving. The larder is stuffed, our guest are arriving (David and Maren are due in tomorrow night, weather permitting.) and all that awaits us now is some heaving duty cooking. Anne and I will be sweating over a hot stove all day tomorrow and the day after.

Today’s photo is Crocoite, a mineral consisting of lead chromate (PbCrO₄) that crystallizes in a monoclinic crystal system. It is identical in composition with the artificial product chrome yellow that is used as a paint pigment. It looks like construction orange to me. I’m sure this is what they make orange cones from.

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