Shop ‘Till You Drop

Today’s Haul

As usual, I dropped Anne off at school first thing this morning. I then headed to the grocery store. Pictured is most of today’s haul. I later shopped two other chains, supplementing our grocery goods. I beat the Thanksgiving crowds, but I didn’t exactly have the aisles all to myself. Vendors and stock boys were busy restocking the shelves, in preparation for today’s rout. Pallets littered the aisles. The checker was amazed that I had managed to fit as much as I had into one of the smaller carts. In addition to shopping, I laundered, made beds and cleaned the bathroom, making for quite the demolition domestic derby.

All of this domesticity got me my steps for the day, but one of my errands should reap even more steps in the future. As part of our Medicare coverage, we are also covered by something called Silver Sneakers. This program grants us access to numerous fitness centers. In particular the one closest to us that is run by our city, The Heights. I got my swipe-able key fob and come the next rainy, snowy or just plain cold day (It’s 68 °F today.), I will have no excuse to still not to get some exercise. Unfortunately, the pool at the Heights is undergoing major renovation and is closed into next year. Not to worry, there is also the YMCA. Once all this recently purchased food is eaten, a lot more exercise will be in order. So, shop ’till you drop, but then drop and give me twenty.

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