Life’s a Bomb

Small Diameter Bomb

The Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) demonstrates an economy of force that accuracy allows. Weighing in at 250 lbs., it weighs just one-eighth of the 2,000 lb. bomb that it replaces. This weight loss leads to a multiplicative increase in lethality, allowing more targets to be hit than before. The constellation of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) that allows your phone to navigate your way to grandma’s house, also guides the SDB. GPS guided bombs predate the SDB. This technology was originally applied to the aforementioned 2,000 lb. behemoth, but use showed that this much explosives was overkill. A willowing process led to a progression of bomb size reductions. Eventually resulting in the 250 lb. GPS guided bomb. The innovation that truly marks the SDB is the addition of wings. These wings allow the bomb to glide up to 60 miles from release. Turning away after bomb separation, this fire-and-forget technology allows the attacking of defended targets, at a reduced risk to the bomber. The SDB is produced in Saint Louis by Boeing.

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