Descending Into the Swamp

Descending Into the Swamp

This morning, I’ve jetted east, flying solo and chasing yesterday’s rain. I’m going to DC, for a long weekend getaway. Anne was left home alone, but by her own choosing. She’s already been oriented (Or dare I say orientated? It’s in the spellchecker.) for her next long term substitute teacher position, first grade this time and she is raring to go. Me being the retired guy, I felt that I needed to do something besides just sitting around the house all day and since these days that something is traveling, I find myself on this plane. I’m on a new to me airplane type, an Embraer 170 (Brazil). It looks like a miniature 737. I guess one could call it a 737 MIN. 😉

My hotel is on Capitol Hill. Expensive, but cheap by Washington standards and an excellent location. I’ll use the Metro, Uber and walk to get around. I expect to do a lot of walking. My plan was to do the museums. There are a lot of them to see, plus they’re mainly free. After today’s rain, the weather forecast looks pretty good. The forecast for tonight looks pretty rough, more trick than treat.

An unexpected bonus arrived last night, when the Nationals clinched their first World Series championship. A victory parade is set for Saturday. It’ll start near the Whitehouse and end with a rally on Capitol Hill. I suspect that Trump won’t be attending, since he was booed at last Sunday’s game. Besides that would cut into his golf game. This will be my second World Series celebration in a row. Last year at this time Anne and I were in Boston. Hopefully next year, I can stay home and still make it three in a row. Let’s go, Cardinals! Let’s go, Cardinals!

Of course these days, politically there is a lot going on here in town. I don’t have any particular plans to participate, but I will be trying to keep my eyes open. I might swing by the Capitol for Fonda Friday, but I’m definitely staying out of zip-tie range for that event. With my camera’s superzoom, I don’t think that should be too much of a problem.

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