Hello World!

Dew Dripped Spider Web

Is it mere coincidence that National Cat Day falls on the same day as the birth of the Internet? I don’t think so. Many milestones have been used to fix the beginnings of the World Wide Web, I’m using this one, on this day, fifty years ago, two computers located in different places communicated with each other. No record remains of which silly cat image was first shared. Twenty years later, with a gleam in Al Gore’s eye, the Internet was first formalized, with the institution of DARPA-net. A year later, I was using it. I was doing research for McDonnell Douglas. Here in Saint Louis, I ran big for their day jobs on a Cray computer that was located at NASA Ames, in Silicon Valley. I was doing CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics, designing airplanes and not sharing silly cat videos, but I could have been doing that… 😉

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  1. I remember when the Cray was the ultimate! Back when we still were carrying around boxes full of punch cars and hoping we weren’t going to accidentally spill the cards… No cat pix were shared in FORTRAN either!!

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