White Flamingo Flower

White Flamingo Flower

We are settling into our post-hosting ways again. So far, we have found only one thing that Jay and Carl left behind. It wasn’t left in their bedroom. It wasn’t even in the house. It was the weather that they left us, a real Seattle all-day rainstorm. It never rained very hard, but it did rain all day. Afterwards the sump pump started running. Today’s weather is much better, both warm and sunny. We have a dinner party tonight. Our next door neighbors, the architects are hosting it. It will be outside, so props to them for picking today as the date, instead of yesterday. 

More long term, Anne has signed up for another long-term substitute gig. She will be teaching in the first grade. She’ll start sometime in mid-November, depending on when the regular teacher’s baby comes. Her gig will run until mid-January. I was initially pissed that she signed up for this assignment, but then I hit upon the idea of doing some solo traveling and leaving her home alone. So far, I’ve booked myself a trip to Washington, DC. On our trip last month to Shenandoah, we flew in-and-out of Washington and I missed not having anytime to see the town itself. This trip should rectify that. 

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