Three Amigos

Three Amigos

Yesterday, we visited the art museum and toured the new Rembrandt show. I think that its official tittle is more like Dutch painters in the age of Rembrandt, but the type font of his name was way outsized for the number of his works in the exhibit. There were only three. Afterwards, the rain rolled in and we headed over to Blueberry Hill for lunch. We got the Scrabble booth, but the food came too soon, to finish the game. Next up to the Hill we went and visited Hall of Fame Place. This one city block served as the childhood home for baseball greats, Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola and Jack Buck.

Today, we first had breakfast at the Southwest Diner. Rated the best diner in Missouri, it has a southwestern motif going, plus it is situated on Southwest Avenue. Then we were off to the botanical gardens. The gardeners have been busy, too busy if you ask me, turning beds for winter. They are even already putting up their Christmas lights. We haven’t even had first frost yet. Haven’t they heard about global warning. Afterwards, lunch was Vietnamese at Lemon Grass on South Grand. Baseball tonight! The new Mary Poppins movie was on last night. Do I really need to get up at four in the morning tomorrow?

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