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CHINA, IF YOU’RE LISTENING… You are? OK, I’ll stop shouting. China, if you’re listening, maybe you could investigate the Bidens too. Just keep Ivanka’s trademarks out of it! We could make this whole nasty little trade war go away. I’d like you to do us a favor, though. But no quid pro quo. You do this favor and everything will then be great! I’m just making an offer that you can’t resist. NO COLLUSION! China, if you’re listening, I hope you’ll be able to find some fake news on Joe Biden that my monkey of an attorney Rudy Giuliani was unable to makeup in Ukraine. I’ll give you such a nice deal if you do, but no quid pro quo!

Singing cockles and mussels alive, alive oh, I served mussels for dinner, in the French style (i.e. with lots of fat—olive oil, butter and heavy cream). These were farm raised mussels ($6 for 2 lbs.), from Chile. It was quite a deal and they weren’t even on sale. Living so far inland, I’m always a little leery of on-sale seafood. I first had farm raised mussels in London. Those were Irish and were grown on ropes, which I found amazing. I last had them around Puget Sound this summer, where they were grown in the bay down below the restaurant. Mine weren’t quite as good as those, but as a first attempt they came out pretty good. I’ve frozen the sauce that they were cooked in, because although the mussels were only six bucks, all of the other accoutrements were quite a bit more. Ah, the French. We’ll see how well that works out next time.

The Cardinals are in the playoffs again, for the first time in a three years. I am hopeful that they will still be in the running, when baseball’s Best Fan comes to town. That would be so grand! The Cards took the division, which allowed the Nationals to eliminate those pesky wildcard Brewers for us. We had already pushed the Cubs out of contention. Both those two divisional teams have been major impediments to our playoff chances in the last few years. We’ve already beat Atlanta in the first game, to take the lead in this series. Keep your fingers crossed, because it’s Red October now. [Note to Carl, we do not have cable here. In the unfortunate event that we can’t watch baseball live and in person, your cable login could be used to watch all of those other teams play baseball, otherwise we’ll be hanging out in a lot of sports bars, while you’re in town.] 

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  1. oooh, I haven’t tried mussels yet (outside of a frozen something-or-other)… What was your recipe (if you care to share) 🙂

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