Question Mark?

Question Mark Butterfly

Anne took this photo. The butterfly is called a Question Mark. Supposedly, one can see a question mark on its rear wing, but I couldn’t. I used Google Images to track down its name, but at first was put off in thinking that the image’s author had labeled it such, because they didn’t know its name. Later, I figured it out. Its angular wings are an indicator and they’re not outlined in black like the Comma.

We’re home again and likely won’t be wandering much for a while. We have company coming to town. Jay and Carl later this month and then the boys next month. That’s not to say that there won’t be a quick getaway or two, but nothing is planned and frankly, I’m getting tired of not sleeping in my own bed. Plus in addition to house guests, we also have theater tickets that we have to use. Then there are all those pesky little  home improvement projects that aren’t working themselves. Block party tonight!

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