Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Throughout our Shenandoah visit and while driving Skyline Drive, we have been confounded by a pair of warning signs. Some signs say, “Watch for Falling Rocks.” While the others read, “Watch for Fallen Rocks.” What’s with this past/present dichotomy? Are some sections of the road seismically active, while others once so, now dormant? And if the later is true, is it really easier to erect a sign, instead of picking up a few rocks? Our meditations on this subject, led Anne to sing a little ditty, “Catch a falling stone and put it in your pocket…” I reminded her that it is illegal to remove anything from a National Park. Her amended lyric reads, “Catch a falling stone and put it in your pocket and never let the ranger know.”

Anne’s photo is from last night, but it could have come from today. We drove back to DC in the rain. We were considering a stop at one of the many Civil War battlefields that we passed along the way. New Market and Bull Run were two of the most notable. You literally can’t spit in Virginia without it landing on hallowed ground, but we drove on and got back to the airport with plenty of time to spare before we can jet over the rainbow and land just short of Kansas.

Imagine my surprise when we got settled at the gate and found #CivilWar trending at number one on Twitter. Apparently, General Bone Spur has declared war on the Democrats. I wonder when we land in red-state Missouri, whether or not I’ll be detained as an enemy combatant? Stay tuned for his next spittle-flecked tweet.

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