Who Knew?

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So, apparently LED lightbulbs cast an orange hue on some people’s skin. Who knew? I had always attributed that pumpkin spice skin color to cheap tanning creams. And apparently pointing out to your boss that his idea of hosting the Taliban on the anniversary of 9/11 might look bad, was a firing offense. Who knew? If you can’t pull off a Camp David accord, then some Camp David related discord is the next best thing. Finally, some people just can’t admit that they’ve made a mistake. Hurricane Dorian was not going anywhere near Alabama. No matter how much some Sharpie wielding people insist that it was. We are all only human and as such fallible. Admitting one’s mistake or simply just dropping the subject would have been the really stable genius thing to do. Who knew? If it’s any consolation, Tropical Storm Humberto is now threatening the Bahamas and could grow to hurricane strength and then might, just might, go on to strike Alabama. Making the Sharpie wielder right after all, sort of.

These three tempests in a teapot all occurred this week, but don’t come close to encompassing all of the nonsense that has happened during it, not by half. I long for normality. I fondly recall the previous administration, even as its legacy is being systematically erased. I look forward to the opportunity to turn the page on the current administration. Even though it is still more than a year before we can close the book on it. After whoever is nominated and then goes on to defeat the orange menace, I also look forward to seeing some justice being done. To steal a chant that he incited both before and after the last election: Lock him up!

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