Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Yesterday’s weather was fine. Today’s was a little wet. I made my world famous avocado toast for breakfast. Yesterday, just as we were about to launch towards the Festival of Nations, Harry called. He had gotten a spam call on his new phone and then notice that he had missed a call from Anne the day before. The two talked for a while, while I fidgeted. Eventually, they signed off. Anne told me that Harry missed my cooking and dishwashing. It’s nice to be missed.

Today, we checked radar. It looked threatening, but we launched anyway. We got to the farthest point in the park, when the rain caught us. Turning around, we rode home in a light, but steady rain. I figured that we would get caught by some rain, but when we left home the storms were small and scattered. While we were out riding, they had congealed into a more solid front. Still, while on our bikes, we escaped the heavy stuff. Interestingly, before we launched, I went to unlock the basement door, but the key just spun without throwing the bolt. Fortunately, I had a replacement lock, which after a little bit of fumbling, I got installed.

We lunched on the last of the gazpacho and were just getting ready to drive to gyrotonics, when the heavens opened up. So we bagged that opportunity for some cross-training. When the rain let up, we drove to the grocery store, where Anne got her hair cut next door, while I shopped. I finished first and went to the hair salon to wait. The rain started up and we got wet again.

Tomorrow, Anne starts school. She’s starting at the beginning again, with her first assignment at the Early Childhood Center. One of her automated sub apps always contracts this school’s name into an acronym that it pronounces as Eck! With her repeated dousings today, Anne has ably demonstrated that she is immune to the Wicked Witch of the West syndrome, “What a world! What a world!” Those little munchkins better watch out, or she’ll get you my pretties. 

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