Sunset on Lake Superior

Sunset on Lake Superior

Today is our last day at the cabin. I am looking forward to our departure. It was a beach day or at least the weather was quite beachy. For us, it was laundry day. Between laundry, Meijer’s, an interminablely long lunch at Pickles, packing and making beds, neither Anne nor I have made it to the beach yet, but now, when it is almost five, maybe we can walk the beach. Tomorrow we’ll launch south and overnight in Ann Arbor. On Wednesday, we’ll head home, after being three months on the road. It will be good to sleep in our own bed, even if it is ninety in Saint Louis. I checked for the first time in a long time and was plesantly surprised to see that the Cardinals are in first place. September is almost here, which means playoffs. Maybe the Cards will still be playing in October?

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