Common Loons – Mother and Chick

Anne and I got away for the day. We drove to Seney National Wildlife Refuge and did some birding. It was grey with overcast and rain did more than threaten, but we were pretty successful. We saw a total of six loons. Enough to form an asylum of loons. We saw enumerable Trumpeter swans. None of them were that normal pasty white in color, but rather a nice mocha brown, having spent all summer at the Seney tannin salon. I saw a pair of Pileated woodpeckers and got pictures, but they are not the best. Anne saw a pair of Belted kingfishers. We also photographed a pair of Pied-billed grebes. The rain held off for a while, but it eventually started. After that we pretty much did our birding from the front seats of our black mobile bird blind, also-known-as the Prius. We circled both the Marsh and Fishing loops. It was getting on by the time we finished both loops so we ducked down to Germfask and the Jolly Inn, for a late lunch. It rained off-and-on all the way back to the cabin, where we had been missed.

5 thoughts on “Seney

  1. I do miss the summers where a couple weeks could be spent at the cabin without the nastiness that started up after The Engineer died. He seemed to be one of the two people who could keep things sane there.

  2. I love the post (and wish I had made it out to Seney this summer) but I am confused by a couple comments.

    Karen’s first comment does not make a lot of sense but as someone who lived through the unfortunate family history she refers to, I believe that she is mis-remembering a lot of factual details.

    I’m also genuinely curious about which “neighbors” are referenced and how they are “prospering” 🙂

    Finally, I am always happy to clarify my family’s history *off-line*.

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