Trans Superior

Wind Power

We were going to bike, but in the end, we drove instead, to Point Iroquois Lighthouse to watched the start of the Trans Superior sailboat race. This race is held every other year and we saw it two years ago. This year, because of the fog, we weren’t sure that we would see anything. Before we left for the lighthouse there was had been fog at the cabin, but that had cleared in time for us to witness the parade of sailboats that were motoring up river to their starting line, but when we arrived at the lighthouse the fog there had not dissipated. With an hour until start time, we settled into wait and see what developed. We got there early, because I expected a crowd and was worried about parking. With half-an-hour to go it cleared, but that didn’t last long and the fog rolled back in again. This time with a vengeance, but just after the scheduled race time everything cleared up for good and we got a good view of the sailboats.

As we were waiting around, a crowd gathered. Anne began speaking with some people, just because they were bicyclists. As it turned out, this couple are near neighbors to us up here at the cabin. Anne introduced herself by way of her relatives that lived full time in the Soo. The most famous of whom was her Uncle Don. The guy cyclist remembered him, but only as “Old Doc Fiddlesen”. Once he knew who Anne was, he got real interested in her. Turns out that he had once lived near a Doelle and had heard their side of the infamous Doelle-Fiddlesen feud and now wanted to hear our side of it too. While not quite as famous as the Hatfield-McCoy feud, it has always held a prominent place in family lore. As near as I can tell, this property dispute climaxed with the shooting off of a locked chain. Since all of the principles have long since passed, it is unlikely that anything more can be known. 

Gray, White and Black Sails

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