Terrible Tilly

Tillamook Lighthouse, Oregon

For years, Tillamook Rock was a sanctuary for wildlife. Then in 1879 the birds scattered, when high explosives were used to blast this basalt rock. A boom marked the commencement of lighthouse construction. The top third of the rock was removed. For 500 brutal days, through howling winds, pounding waves, dense fog and bitter cold the lighthouse was built, earning it its nickname. For 76 years until 1957 the light from Terrible Tilly shone its warning beacon out to sea. While it was operating the wildlife stayed away. After the lighthouse was shuttered, the wildlife began to return. Closed to the public, it is an important nesting site for the Common Murre. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see dozens of sea lions resting at the base of the rock, just above the surf.

Today was laundry day. Anne and I did it all. Bubs and Harry came into town and we joined them at Penny’s for lunch. Later we shopped at Meijer’s.

Switching now from Terrible Tilly to Terrible Trump, I cannot stay silent over his recent spate of racist tweets and statements. He has repeatedly attacked four freshmen congresswomen of color, using the racist dog-whistle of telling them to go home. Three of the four have known no other home than this country and all four are US citizens. While it is certainly permissible to disagree with their politics. It is unacceptable to employ racists tropes, as Trump has done. While his behavior is hardly surprising, the silence from the Republican Party is even more distressing. Their silence enables the #RacistInChief. 

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