Back on the Bikes

Point Iroquois Lighthouse

I got my fitbit back. Thanks, Carl & Jay! Its return inspired me to get my steps in for the day. That was yesterday, when there was enough wind to comfortably prepare the bicycles for riding. My bike’s chain was a little worse for wear. It got some rust on it, from the day that I drove it up here in the rain, but a little spray-on WD-40 got most of the kinks out of it. I see a new chain in my future.

Anne and I launched today, at the crack of noon. She was lamenting to me that we seem to have fallen into a rut and need to start getting up earlier. I somehow got the feeling that it was my fault that I hadn’t kicked her out of bed. I think that since everyday here feels like the last, why not savor the best parts of each one? I like lying in bed together, during the still of the morning, listening to the many woodland sounds outside. Sometimes the wind is blowing, often waves are crashing and occasionally a woodpecker stops by, gives the cabin a few exploratory taps, but finding nothing to its liking, flies off.

Like I said, we launched. Our goal was the lighthouse. It felt good to be back on the bikes. It has been a while. When I reset our two odometers, I came to the conclusion that the last time that we both had ridden was in Louisiana and that was in late April, almost three months ago. We’ve been busy though. Later, at lunch, I saw the Weather Channel rainfall totals for the parishes that we had ridden through. All were at least 5″ and many were +10″. Those poor people.

I was drooling with anticipation for riding 6 Mile to the lighthouse. We had driven this route just days before, which gave us an inkling of what to expect, that most beautiful black of fresh asphalt. It was like butter. I had put on chamois butter, which was almost a waste, except for the ride’s two extremis. The shoulders have been widened to a full lane, except between the two casinos, where the old snowmobile trail has been paved, making a separated bike lane.

At the lighthouse, we met another couple from Saint Louis. They updated us on hometown happenings and we steered them towards some UP tourist attractions. We had a tailwind heading back. How much more perfect could this ride get? We stopped for lunch at Jack’s and then just four more miles to the cabin.

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