Beach Day

Beach Day

After yesterday’s blow, today, we enjoyed a beach day. It came with pleasant temperatures, plenty of sun and just enough wind to drive the bugs away, at least most of them. Anne and I first walked the beach and while doing so got to torment the sandpipers at the far end of the beach. Mother sandpiper was doing her usual waddle, bobbing up and down, trying to lure us along our way, with her wounded bird routine, but we had on our approach spied her chicks and were not so easily misled. We saw three chicks. Afterwards, we sat out on the beach, interrogated passersby and soaked up sun. I waded while Anne read.

Harry went to town. He always leaves with such joy in his heart, figuratively skipping down the steps to the car. Almost like a parolee being set free. He had a grocery list, but his main objective was to buy pants. Meijer’s had the food and it also sold trousers, but they were asking $44 a pair, which Harry thought was too much. In a previous discussion, Anne had suggested Meijer’s and the Salvation Army store, which is across the street from the laundromat. Not finding what he liked at the first suggestion, Harry went to the second and bought two pairs of pants for the princely sum of $4.40 or a nickel on the dollar. 

Throw a nickel on the drum
Save another drunken bum
Salvation Army

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