Laundry Day

Sunset Sparrow

We’ve been on the road again, now for a week. If you missed the switchover from our grand Western road trip to this new Lake Superior / cabin sojourn, I can’t blame you. There was only a very brief transition between the two. Anyway, it’s been a week and it is time to wash our clothes, towels and sheets.

“Mom! Someone put sand in my bed!”
“That’s OK honey, it will all come out in the wash.”

In addition to visiting the laundromat, we lunched at Penny’s Kitchen. Then Anne drove Bubs back to the cabin and Harry and I went to the AT&T store. His old cellphone did not work properly at the cabin, while mine do.

Last summer, during a 911 emergency he couldn’t call an ambulance with his old phone. He had to go next door and use a relative’s phone. We returned to find an ambulance in the driveway. That event wasn’t all that bad, which is easy for me to say, since I didn’t get any stiches. It was scary though, especially when you consider that that helpful relative has gone down back south for a while.

So, I got Harry a new phone, an Android, which is free, although I did have to pay taxes on it or rather Harry did. I added his new phone to my plan and I’ll cover the cost of the new line. Now begins the process of training Harry on the use of his new smart phone. Otherwise it will only work as well as the old one.

My Dad called me while I was driving around the Soo. He called to tell me that he had sent me my birthday card. Unfortunately, he sent it to my home address. Joanie, if you read this and happen to see a birthday card for me, with a California postmark, maybe you could open it and take a picture of it for me. Dad also addressed another concern, the recent Californian earthquakes. No worries though, Chris felt the second more powerful one, but my Dad didn’t. Needless to say, they have experienced no earthquake damage.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a fire safety update. Never, never try to light a fire in front of Bubs! “Use the damn bellows!”, she bellowed. “No, no, do it underneath. You’re not doing right!” As Gene worked herself into a state of high hysteria, Harry decided to cater the event with tea and crackers. Harry and I both enjoyed a hearty laugh at the girl’s expense. As Bubs continued to froth and as Anne continued to falter, Harry called Anne’s sister Jane to relate these events. I am chagrined to say that he used his old flip phone to do this, making me wonder why we went to AT&T today. Anne did get the fire lit, having paid her dues as the most dutiful daughter (doo-doo, her words).

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  1. I was planning to get the mail tomorrow so if the card is there I’ll take pictures and message you with them. Nice photo of the sparrow, beautiful color! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday!

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