Purple Mountain’s Majesty

Rocky Mountain National Park

We’re at the cabin now and I should be showing a photo of Lake Superior, which is placidly sitting just outside the window, but you see, I’ve got this treasure trove of pictures from our westward road trip. Over 10,000 of them, between the two of us. Anne really likes her new camera and took more photos than I did. This pano is mine though, which uses three from that ten grand.

After driving across four time zones in less than a week, today is a day of rest. We slept in, some later than others. The seagulls were up at dawn. What I first took as the tap-tap-tapping of a woodpecker, turned out to be a carpenter’s hammering. A new building is being errected down the beach. Harry went to town, leaving Anne in charge. Bill is putt-putt-puttering a boat, on the beach. Anne and Bill treated us four for lunch, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We went to Twisted Sister. After lunch, Anne and I walked the beach.


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