Jay and Carl

Carl and Jay

Yesterday, Anne and I drove up from Oregon. We let ourselves into Jay and Carl’s house and unloaded all of our stuff out of the Prius, first onto their front walk and then into the house. We’re leaving the car in the driveway until we leave town.

Last night, we now four met with Aimee and MB for dinner at the regatta themed Magnuson micro-brewery by the marina on Washington Lake. That wicked woman, Sue Nommi struck at the brewery, in the form of our waiter, who dumped ice water on Jay and MB. Later, he also forgot Amee’s dinner order, but it was all good in the end and we decamped to Aimee and MB’s place for some after dinner delights.

Today, Jay, Carl, Anne and I took public transit to the Seattle waterfront. We toured Pike’s Market. We shopped yarns, quilts and Metsker’s Maps. Lunch at the Pike’s Place Brewery, then down to the waterfront: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, complete with three corpses on public display, the destruction of the Viaduct and then the aquarium. It is a nice aquarium, but it could have used more Rock fish. Public transportation home and Indian takeout for a laidback dinner.

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